domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Black Swan

 Nina (Natalie Portman) de cisne blanco en "Cisne Negro"
 Nina (Natalie Portman) y Beth (Winona Ryder) en "Cisne Negro"
 Nina(Natalie Portman) de cisne negro en "Cisne Negro"

sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

Haces que los guapos sean feos.

 Pete Doherty
 The Libertines
 Kate Moss en Glastonbury
 Daily Mirror: Cocaine Kate
River Phoenix
 Leonardo DiCaprio en "Diario de un rebelde"

Interview with CHARMING THIEVES!!!

Alternative PopIndie - Post/Art-Punk

I discovered the Charming Thieves via Twitter in summer 2009. When I told them the idea of an interview for my blog, they kindly accepted and finally here it is, my interview with this charming band from the UK: The Charming Thieves:

Q: How did you guys meet?
A: At our college.  We went to music school, but even there we didn't particularly fit, so we created the band and lived in our own little bubble.

Q: When did you create the band?
A: Just over two years ago, we put it together 3 weeks before our first gig, which was supporting Wheatus actually!

Q: How did you learn to play instruments or sing? Did you have any lessons?
A: We're all almost entirely self-taught, with a little help from the college we attended.

Q: Why is music so important for you? How do you feel when you play music?
A: Music functions as an emotional outlet for us all I think, as well as a useful platform to express our beliefs and morality [cliche, but trueee].  I can speak for us all when I say that there's no happier feeling than performing our music to anyone, we consider ourselves "performers" over "musicians", but we're also complete music geeks, so the combinations works wonderfully!

Q: Who writes the songs?
A: Tommy writes the structures, lyrics and melodies, and then the other guys add their instrumental parts and vocal harmonies, occasionally changing little parts here and there to make it more band-relevant.

Q: Can people buy your songs on itunes?
A: Yessss!  We have two singles out on itunes at the moment - "Control" and "Love Comes First, Making Love Comes Later", which are available for the incredibly reasonably price of 79p per track! ^_^ just search "Charming Thieves" and you'll find 'em.

Q: Which artist would you like to perform with and why?
A: I [Tommy] would LOVE to perform with a new band called MEN [they've just released their first album "Talk About Body" - GO GET IT!!]

Q: What are your musical influences?
A: We are HUUUUUGE Morrissey fans, and so naturally The Smiths are definitely our biggest musical influences.  We also love Robert Smith from The Cure, Chumbawamba, Billy Brag & Frank Turner's poetic acoustic-based punk, the androgynous side of Brit-pop in Pulp, Suede and Placebo, and more contemporary indie-esque bands/artists like Girls, Best Coast, Wavves, Yeasayer, Regina Spektor and Bright Eyes.  We're also influenced musically by a lot of non-musical factors: ambition, agenders, open sexualities, glamour, filth, indulgence, Wilde, Woolf, Whitman, tattoos, piercings, geography, culture, kindness, open-mindedness, beauty, brains, bodies.

Q: What song describes you best right now? (each one of you)
A: Tommy - I think mine is "The Magic Position" by Patrick Wolf; I'm in a pretty good place right now ^^
Browny - gotta be JLS - One Shot, it's siiiiiick.
Ryan - The Smiths - Still Ill.  I'm ill at the moment, so seems to make sense..!
Melissa - Beirut - Nantes, it's brilliant.
Q: What are your favourite places to go out?
A: WE LIKE GAY CLUBZZ! ^^ and festivals.  Heaven in London is glorious, as is Tranny Shack at Madam JoJo's [London, Soho].  We also had a lot of fun playing at BeachBreak Festival in the UK the last two years running, it's got such a great atmosphere! :]
Q: A part from music, what are your other passions or hobbies?
A: We love books, socialising, going to gigs, falling in love, bitching, analysing, watching terrible horror movies, the usual.
Q: When was your last concert? When and where is the next one?
A: We actually did an online gig via facebook on Weds 23rd Feb to showcase the first online performance of our forthcoming single "Glitterati Party" [due for release May/June this year on iTunes etc]!  Our next gig is at Boileroom in Guildford as part of the Suburban Sprawl music festival in that town on 8th March :]

Q: Do you prefer playing in the studio or performing live?
A: Performing live without a doubt!!  We're not really a studio band, it feels too relaxed and tends to dilute the emotive element that the music was intended to be delivered with.  In addition, all of us began playing music because we loved the idea of live performance.

Q: Do you have any new projects that you would like to share?
A: Apart from the "Glitterati Party" single launch, Melissa and Tommy both have solo projects [,], and Tommy and Ryan are beginning a side-project too [stay tuneddd..].  We've also got an alias, Kittens [], which we use to preview new material and other things we're working on :]

Q: Thank you for answering my questions!
A: No problemo!  Thanks for asking them :]  


I post here one of their songs, the official music video for "Love comes first, making love comes later" so you can enjoy this great music from this cool band!

(I don't know about you, but after this interview, I love even more this band.)

martes, 22 de febrero de 2011


 The Runaways

 Annie Hall (Diane Keaton & Woody Allen, 1977)



That '70s show

Suzi Quatro- Wild One
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Crimson & Clover - Cover

lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

My Own Private Idaho

Claramente, la actuación de River Phoenix en Mi Idaho Privado (My Own Private Idaho) es mil veces mejor que la de su compañero de reparto Keanu Reeves (que parece que está en Matrix por su falta de expresión en la película).
Una de mis escenas favoritas es cuando Mike(River Phoenix) le revela a Scott que está enamorado de él. Se sufre al ver a Mike condenado a escuchar a Scott haciendo el amor con una mujer que acaban de conocer.