domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Did I mention that I saw Peter Doherty?

Sunday 17th- Peter Doherty's concert in Madrid (AAAAH OH MY GOOOOD!!!). Yeah, well I couldn't go in because it was for people over 18. I still asked my parents to go and try to see him at the end of the concert when he gets out by that small door that no one knows (except that everyone knew where that door was). Anyway, I went there with my parents and we had dinner and blahblah and then we went to wait for Pete. Hopefully there was a "Churros con chocolate" place just next to the door, so my parents could wait sitting there and eating something and could relax a little bit while I was trying to hear something from the concert.
Well one of the emergency doors was slightly opened so I was able to hear, with another girl who was doing exactly the same thing as I, one of my favourite songs from his solo album Grace/Wastelands : Last of the English Roses. Then someone opened another door and I was able to see him!!! I was already flying. When the song finished, a mean security guy asked "What are you doing here? Nothing? Then LEAVE!", and he closed the door loudly. But I was already happy because I had seen my platonic love.

When the concert ended, some other fans came where I was and we waited together, but after two hours people started to feel tired so most of them left. I didn't want to leave (and thank goodness there was a place to sit for my parents because they wouldn't have waited all that time if there wasn't). Suddenly one of the guys that was waiting outside like me said "I'm gonna try something crazy" and he oppened an emergency door and disappeared. After half an hour or so, the something-crazy-guy oppened the door we were waiting in front of and said "We're gonna go inside in little groups of two or three, but don't tell anyone". So I was like putting my "pleaseeeeeeeeeee take me inside-look" and he said "okay, you, and blahblah".
So we went inside!! My legs were shaking and I was reaaaally nervous. We entered in a room, like backstage, where people were smoking, drinking, playing guitar... and then I saw HIM, Peter Doherty was in front of me (he's freaking tall). I can imagine how I looked like: creepy big eyes, mouth opened, legs shaking... And a girl came to kick us out. I was already the happiest person on earth, and while I was going upstairs to get back to the street, I turned around and Peter was just behind me, less than a metre between us! I think it was really nice from him to come out and say hi to his fans because he was having real fun in that room!

We went out and then all the fans threw themselves over him so I wasn't able to take proper pictures, but I mean, not many people can say that they've been in Pete Doherty's backstage!

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