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River Phoenix spam

In case you didn't know, I'm in love with River Phoenix and I recently did the 30 River Phoenix Question Challenge on Tumblr, here are my answers :)

1) How did you come across River?
When I was 12, we watched Stand by Me in my English class. From the first scene he appeared in I had a big crush.

2) What was the first River movie you saw?
Stand By Me (1986)

3) What about River do you find yourself eerily alike?
I would say that we both fight for animal rights, we like similar music and to create.

4) Do you listen to Aleka’s Attic? If so, favorite song?
Yes, I started listening to them when I was 12 (when I knew about it) and my favourite songs are Scales and Fishnails (tumblr URL ;p), Too many colors and Note to a Friend.

5) River or Joaquin?
Even though I like Joaquin, I’m in love with River.

6) Any fims that you wish River would have been casted in?
Too many to choose.

7) Were/are you upset about his passing?
Of course! When my English teacher told me that he was dead I cried for him for a year every night and I still do some nights. Some people would think is stupid, but that’s how it is.

8) Favorite character River has played?
Chris Chambers, Charlie Fox and Mike Waters.

9) Favorite movie.
Stand by Me is just too good. But I also love My Own Private Idaho.

10) Favorite River look (hairstyle, age)
I love every look, if I had to choose it’d probably be his long blond hair, just so hot.

11) Martha Plimpton or Samantha Mathis?
Martha Plimpton!

12) Preferred River as an actor or musician?
I think maybe as an actor, but I love his music and voice (like an orgasm).

13) Least favorite movie.
Don’t really know…

14) A song that reminds you of River.
Hey Jude (The Beatles), London Callling (The Clash; when it says “I live by the river”), Aleka’s Attic songs, On Cornerstone (Arctic Monkeys), Stand by Me (Ben E. King), Lost Art of Murder (Babyshambles), and a lot moreee…

15) How would you feel about Dark Blood being remade/released?
I think I would maybe watch it, just to see how bad it is without him in and to cry afterwards. Naah, wouldn’t like it.

16) Any actor/actress you’d love to have seen River work with.
Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, George Clooney and Woody Allen.

17) Favorite quote said by River.
“I can`t on my own change the regime in South Africa or teach the Palestinians to learn to live with the Israelies, but I can start with me.” It’s really inspiring.

18) If you and River were friends what do you think the two of you would bond over?
I think music, Nature and peace.

19) Do you think River’s stress and depression with life, and the business played a key factor in his death?
I’m 90% sure of it.

20) Pick a movie that you wish River and Joaquin would’ve starred in opposite each other.
I don’t know, they should have a new one.

21) Favorite scene. Why?
My Own Private Idaho when Hans dances for them because I think it’s funny and adorable how River looks, or in Stand by Me the campfire talk because it’s just hilarious and real.

22) What about River’s untimely death saddens you the most?
I think that what saddens me the most is that he could have done incredible things not just as an actor or musicien but as a person and that it must have been devastating for his friends, family and admirers.

23) Favorite fan video of River. and others!

24) Do you take River’s philosophical views to heart, and in a way agree with him? (eg vegetarianism, animal rights)
I’m trying to convince my parents to let me be a vegetarian and I fight for animal rights too.

26) Favorite song from The Thing Called Love.
Lone star state of mine.

27) A young actor today who reminds you of River.
Leonardo Dicaprio when he was younger.

28) Favorite picture.

I just love it.

29) If you had a chance to meet River what would you ask/say to him?
I think that if I could actually talk properly to him without peeing in my pants I would tell him that he has been a real influence and has changed my life in the nicest way he could.

30) What affect has River made on your life, and what importance is he to you?I think River Phoenix has made a huge impact on my life and has made me a better person. He has taught me so many things and helped me to understand aspects of this life. Even though I don’t know him personally, he is someone I love the most and I will always love him. I think that my love for River Phoenix is big and I feel like I knew him in real life because he was so pure and true. He is my role model and a true inspiration.

Now here are some River photos for you to enjoy :)

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